November 8, 2016


The Jana Aston awesomesauce continues with TRUST, and I'm so excited for you to read it! Check out my review and an excerpt from the book, then enter the amazing giveaway!

Trust (Wrong #3), by Jana Aston
Publish Date:
November 8, 2016
Publisher: self-published
Format: e-ARC, provided by the author
Genre: adult contemporary romance
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Rating: 4 STARS

(Synopsis) “Knock knock!”

“Um… Who’s there?”

Yeah. That was me, on my last date. Before you feel sorry for me you should know that I was the one telling the jokes. Jokes as in plural, because I didn’t stop with just one. Of course not.

Hi, I’m Chloe Scott. The most awkward single girl in the city. But I’m going to get it together. I am.

I’m going to learn how to date like a grown up. I’m going to have an orgasm not given to myself. I’m going to fall in love and live happily ever after.

Right after I get out of this interrogation room.

Remember how I said in my review of Fling that I love the awkward girls? Well, you haven't seen anything until you've met Chloe. Chloe is the Queen of Awkward and she's been having a really hard time finding a boyfriend. Luckily, Boyd is infinitely patient, and awkward seems to do it for him. 

We've met Chloe before - she's Everly's BFF, and in previous books, she's struck me as a quiet intellectual sort of girl. She's the yin to Everly's yang. We've also met Boyd before - he's Sophie's long-lost brother who works for the FBI. We haven't spent much time with him yet, but we get our chance in Trust, and I gotta say - he really does it for me. 

Chloe's watched all her friends and acquaintances pair off and find love, and she's ready for her turn. But, her extreme social anxiety causes each of her dates to crash and burn in epic fashion. After an... unconventional meeting, Boyd offers his help to Chloe to get over her dating problems, but he has ulterior motives. For some reason, Chloe fascinates him. After a long string of bimbos just after his money, Chloe is a refreshing change. She makes him laugh, and he never knows what she's going to do next. 

So, Boyd starts to date Chloe, but he tells her it's all under the guise of lessons so that she doesn't feel the enormous pressure that causes her anxiety to flare up. And, amazingly, it works. Chloe is able to relax enough around Boyd to be herself, and he gets to spend time with a woman who he genuinely enjoys being around. Due to her need to take things slow, things progress between them very slowly in the physical sense. Where Jana's other books have been pretty steamy, things between Chloe and Boyd don't heat up until well past the 50% mark. It definitely made sense in the story, but I was really missing the trademark Jana Aston dirtiness that I've come to love so much. 

There's very little angsty relationship problems in Trust, which was fine by me, since we're always wondering if Chloe will ever realize that Boyd's been dating her all along. And we know that, when she figures it out, she will lose her crap. That was enough drama for one book. 

And, while there were times when I found Chloe incredibly sweet and fun, there were other times when I just wanted to tell her to put her freaking big girl panties on, and get over it. I didn't care for the way she treated Boyd a lot of the time. He was an amazing guy who was willing to do what he needed to to make Chloe comfortable and to trust him. In return, she strung him along, pushed him away again and again, and sent him tons of mixed signals. She drove me crazy, honestly. 

I believe Trust marks the end of the Wrong world stories, and while I'll miss the characters we've met, I'm anxious to see what Jana Aston will come out with next. 

Boyd's cocky. And hot. And kinda nice, even though he's cocky. I'd be a nervous wreck around him if I'd met him on a dating site. Not that we're dating. I almost laugh at the idea. Definitely not a date, he doesn't even have confidence that I can dress myself for our fake date. Whatever. But this car ride has been nice. Not as awkward as I thought it would be, and we're making great time; it's only taken us ninety minutes to reach the Lincoln Tunnel. I wonder, if Boyd got pulled over for speeding, would he flash his badge and get out of it?

As we enter the tunnel and the car is submerged in darkness I wonder what the heck he's going to pick out for me to wear. It better not be too short, I think, giving him a quick glance. I bet he's used to women in short sexy numbers. Maybe I can fake sexy for a night? Wait, this reminds me...

"Am I supposed to pretend it's a real date next weekend? Or am I supposed to pretend I'm there as your friend?"

The tunnel whizzes past as he drives and even though the tunnel is lit, it's much darker in the car than it was a few moments ago. He looks over at me, his face shadowed by the darkness, but I don't miss the analytical look on his face.

"Are you anxious about a fake date?"

"No!" Maybe just a little. "I'm just, you know, clarifying, because you never said."

"It's a real fake date," he says, looking a little annoyed.

"Real fake," I repeat. "That is super confusing."

"Just pretend you like me."

"I don't dislike you," I offer helpfully. "You're okay."

He runs his tongue along his bottom lip and glances at me out of the side of his eye.

"What? I'm just agreeing that it won't be horribly hard to pretend to like you." He's sort of confusing, this guy.

"Great," he says as he slows the car as we exit the tunnel and roll up to a traffic light.

"Look, I'm sure you're not used to women faking it with you, but this fake date was your idea, not mine."

"You're right. I'm not used to women faking it with me." He smirks. He's not even looking at me, his attention on the road ahead of him, so I think he's smirking to himself. Asshole.

Jana Aston is the New York Times bestselling author of WRONG. She quit her super boring day job to whip up more books and is hoping that was not a stupid idea. In her defense, it was a really boring job.

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