September 1, 2016


This will be a slightly different review from what you're used to seeing. I'm not going to review a single book, but rather an entire series - and I'm reviewing the audio version of that series to boot.

A few months ago, I read a 1,001 Dark Nights bundle that included WICKED WOLF, a novella set in both Carrie Ann Ryan's Redwood Pack series and the spin-off Talon series. I had never read any book by this author before, but I really loved what I saw in that novella, and went in search of more.

I've always been a huge fan of shifter books. I love the super alpha males, and I especially love the pack element - how these beings work and live together as a group and rely on each other for support and love and community. The Redwood Pack series is high on all these things, which makes it an outstanding series overall for me. Goodness, I love those wolves.

The other thing I really liked about the Redwood Pack series is that there is one major story arc that centers around the evil Central Pack and their efforts to take down the Redwoods by any means necessary. Each book in the series is its own encapsulated story centering around each member of the Jamenson clan as they find love. But, the thread that ties all the books together is how those new relationships impact their fight against the Centrals and the demon they hired to work black mojo. Each book is dramatic and exciting and crazy sexy. 

I thought that each book gets better and better as you move through the series. As relationships form and the war between the Redwoods and the Centrals intensifies, there are more and more layers to add to the books. I loved some books more than others in the series, but when you look back on them all as a whole, it's one hell of an awesome story. 

I listened to the audio version of each of the books in the series. I started with an Alpha's Path (Redwood Pack #1) because the Kindle version is only $3 and the Audible version is only $2 when you own the e-book. Every other book in the series can be bought for around $4 or $5 for the e-book and $2 for the audiobook. That's some pretty awesome cheap entertainment. 

Gregory Salinas narrates very one of the Redwood Pack books. He's a good narrator who even does the girls' parts pretty well. He narrates all of Carrie Ann Ryan's books, so between the Redwood Pack series, the Talon Pack series and the Montgomery Ink series, I've listened to a lot of books read by him this year. He has a beautiful deep voice that really embodies the Jamenson family. 

If you love shifter books, you really need to give the Redwood Pack series a try. And, if you're a lover of audiobooks like I am, you REALLY should give the Redwood Pack series a try. 

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