March 6, 2015

Apollycon Wrap-Up

I came. I saw. I fangirled.

I've been to a few book release parties in the past few years, but Apollycon took the cake. Twelve hours, 28 authors, and one hot cover model made this the biggest book release event I've ever been to. It was held last Saturday, on February 28, at the Embassy Suites in Philadelphia. And, it was all in honor of THE RETURN, Jennifer L. Armentrout's first book in her Titans spin-off series.

For me, personally, this was more than a release party. It was a chance to meet authors I never have before.

Me and Katee Robert

Me and Jamie McGuire
It was a good excuse to get together with blogger friends I've made over the years.

It was a place to meet up with author friends and fellow street teamers.

Me with Cora Carmack and her BFF Lindsey

Fellow Carmcats!
I think my years attending BEA have prepared me for bigger signings like this. I knew to expect lines, and I planned accordingly. I don't mind the wait, really. There's always people to talk to. And, if no one wants to talk to me, I always have books to read. But, I had lots of friends with me to pass the time. Which is good, because there were lots. Of. Lines. There was a line to buy books...

And a line to get in to the ballroom...

And, once you were in the ballroom, there were lines at most of the author tables to have your books signed.

But, this event was all about Jennifer Armentrout. And, Apollycon proved just how much she loves her fans. Jen was supposed to sign until 3 p.m. She didn't actually get done until 7 p.m., because her line was just that long. And, she didn't want anyone to go away without having their books signed. That, peeps, is an author who cares.

Jen Armentrout and The Return cover model, Drew Leighty
In the end, I added ten new books to my bookshelf, and was able to get a lot of books I already owned signed by authors I was crazy excited to meet. 

I'm already making plans for my next few signings. I'm heading to Baltimore in April for Avon KissCon, and then in May, it's time for BEA! See you there!

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Unknown said...

ALL THE LINES! ACK. It was something else, but damn did I have a great time. It was wonderful to see you again. I can't wait for BEA!

(I'm totally borrowing - with credit, of course - your photo of the Carmcats at the bar. I didn't get nearly enough photos.)