August 26, 2014

REVIEW: Follow (Social Media #1)

Follow (Social Media #1), by J.A. Huss
To Be Published August 27, 2014
Publisher: Science Future Press
Format: e-ARC, provided by the author
Genre: adult erotic romance
To Buy: Amazon

Rating: 5 STARS

(From Goodreads) #Women.

I fuck them. I use them. I pay them off. I find another. My demands are never denied. My contracts are always signed. They submit to me. Willingly. Completely. Temporarily. This is how it's always been.

Until I saw that filthy tweet.

@VaughnAsher My bare pussy. Your tongue. #ThingsIThinkAboutToGetOff

"FilthyBlueBird" thinks she can tease me with hashtags and then hide behind a Twitter handle? She thinks I wouldn't be more than happy to #RockHerFilthyWorld? She's wrong.

Her online fantasy is about to collide with her public reality, and it's about to happen... now.

In today's technology-driven world, we have embraced social media for one main reason - it furthers our ability to communicate with strangers and to step outside of our comfort zone while hiding behind a laptop of anonymity. You can say whatever you want to whomever you want in a Facebook post or a Tweet, and they never have to know it was you. 

So, can you imagine if you ever came face-to-face with your online obsession? If you posted all these dirty, sexy things about him, not ever imagining for a single second that he would ever know it's you, but then he finds out? Yeah - I'd be freaking out too. 

It's only natural that Grace Kinsella, a.k.a. @FilthyBlueBird, freaks out a little when she runs into her celebrity crush, movie star Vaughn Asher, at a tropical resort. Especially since she's spent years sending dirty tweets to him. Imagine her continued surprise when he takes notice of her and seeks out her company all on his own. She thinks it's a dream come true, except it turns out he's into BDSM, and that's WAY outside of Grace's comfort zone. She can't help but be intrigued by the things he says and the pleasure he offers, but being intrigued and actually participating are two very different things.   

I. Loved. This. Book.

You have to know what a monumental thing this is for me. See, dom/sub books are usually not my thing. I have just always had such a hard time reconciling that type of relationship with the strong, confident female MCs I love. It's kinda freaky how JA Huss reached into my brain, grabbed hold of my thoughts on this subject, and put them in Grace's mouth. Grace was very back and forth on her feelings on the matter for the duration of the book, and I have to think that that is very normal. She is strangely fascinated by the thought of it all, but when Vaughn tries to teach her, she balks when it makes her feel humiliated and cheap. But... it's VAUGHN ASHER. And, back and forth she goes.

I am so intrigued by Vaughn - I can't wait to see what he's going to do next, because I'm sure it'll be something unexpected. He is multi-faceted. One moment, he is charming, sweet and attentive. The next moment, he is domineering, insulting and petulant. I think Vaughn isn't used to being challenged and turned down - especially by a common fan. I also think he thought Grace would fall in line with just a little coercion, a wink and an orgasm. But, she didn't, and I think it actually made him like her even more. Despite his need for control, the fact that Grace was uncontrollable was just what he needed.

Follow is the first of six novellas in the Social Media series. Each one will release every two weeks, starting August 27:

Follow - August 27
Like - September 10
Block - September 24
Status - October 8
Profile - October 22
Home - November 5

Although Follow was on the long side for a novella, it still ended way too quickly. I can't wait to find out what happens next, especially with how Follow ended... 


Lola said...

I can't wait to read this book, it sounds really good and I am intrigued by how JA Huss is going to incorporate the social media aspect in this book. There are so little books that actually do something with social media, so i think it would be interesting to see how it will be handled. And Grace sounds like a great main character! Great review Kirsta!

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