May 19, 2014

NEW ADULT MONDAYS: Misunderstandings (Woodfall Girls #2)

The New Adult genre - their bad boys and big problems and epic loves make them engrossing tales that are so easy to lose yourself in. What's not to love about that? And, now, thanks to the cool chicks at Bewitched Bookworms, we can show these books the love they deserve in a weekly feature - New Adult Mondays.

Misunderstandings (Woodfall Girls #2), by Tiffany King
Published May 6, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Format: paperback, provided by the publisher for review
Genre: new adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon * Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4 STARS

(From Goodreads) Just when she thought things were going up…

Two years after a devastating breakup, Brittni Mitchell has moved on from Justin Avery—or so she tells herself. But when she returns to Seattle for her best friend’s engagement party, Brittni finds herself the victim of a disastrously timed elevator breakdown. She’s trapped with the last person she wants to face, and forced to recount the past she desperately wants to forget.

She’s going to have to look back…

When Brittni left her podunk hometown for a big city college experience at the University of Washington, hooking up with a guy like Justin Avery was not part of her plan. Between Justin’s attention-grabbing tattoos, cigarette smoking, and bad boy attitude Brittni quickly chalked him up as �Mr. Wrong.” But his charm was unrelenting, and Brittni’s decision to give Justin a chance quickly turned into the worst choice she ever made.

So that she might be able to move forward.

Now she’s stuck with Justin—literally—and the complicated web of misunderstandings that tied up the truth for two years is about to unravel.

Okay - I LOVED the concept of Misunderstandings. Two people who were very much in love, but had a bad break-up, were forced to have it out when they're stuck in an elevator for hours together. You know how we always joke, "If I could lock you two in a room together..." Well, in this case, it really happened.

Justin and Brittni were together for a whirlwind four months before a devastating breakup. So devastating that Brittni moved from the west coast back to her home state of Maine - for two years. Now, she's back in Seattle for her best friend's engagement party, and coincidentally Brittni and Justin run into each other in the elevator of a friend's office building. They are forced to rehash what happened two years earlier and both of them realize that there were parts to each other's version of events that were... misunderstood.

I think my favorite part of Misunderstandings is that the details of what really happened were brought to light very slowly. Some might not care for that, but honestly, for me, it drew me in to the story and ensured that I stayed engaged and engrossed. I wanted so desperately to find out what in the world happened between these two that was so bad to have caused the intense hostility between the two of them in the elevator.

It becomes apparent through the flashback story telling that, although Brittni and Justin had a bit of a rough start to their relationship, they eventually fell very much in love. The backstory was told in alternating chapters with the present day elevator situation. It seems that, after the event that separated them for good, Brittni was so destroyed, she left the city for good and hasn't been back. So, this is the first time they've seen each other in two years.

It doesn't go well for quite awhile. They're both shockingly nasty to one another. But, after a few hours pass, they start to talk, and the real events from two years ago come out. They realize that things weren't as they had thought. That everything wasn't so black and white. And, worse of all, that, if they both hadn't been so stubborn and idiotic back then, they could've avoided two years of misery.

Gosh - can you imagine what that would be like? I would be furious - mostly at myself for not opening my mouth back when I should have. And, the reason why they separated years before was a pretty big reason; it was something that should've brought two people together, not torn them apart.

Eventually, of course, the elevator is fixed, and Justin and Brittni are released from their confinement. They now have to decide if the knowledge they gained gave them a big enough reason to give their relationship a go again. And they have to decide if they can put the ugly words and all that time behind them.

Misunderstandings was told entirely from Brittni's POV. I admit, I wasn't a fan of hers in the beginning. She seemed to play games with Justin, stringing him along, not returning calls - that sort of thing. She was a little cold and not very likable. But, I eventually warmed up to her, as did Justin. The heat between these two was pretty awesome, too.

Misunderstandings was a fantastic book to add to my new adult collection. There was a lot to love, including a little mystery. I can't wait to read more from Tiffany King!

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