December 26, 2013

A Bookish Recap of Christmas

I'm sitting here at 9:30 p.m. on Christmas night trying to grasp the fact that, once again, it's all over. All the planning, madness, obsessing, spending, wrapping, baking and excitement is over in just 12 short hours. It's a good thing, really. I'm very much looking forward to getting on with life as I know it. And, 2014 is going to be a busy year - I'm ready to get started.

But, first, a recap of Christmas. Of course, every year I ask for books and book-related items. I had about a dozen books on my list this year, as well as things like bookshelves and blogging essentials. Here's what I got.

1. 2014 planner - I actually got this for my birthday a few weeks ago, but it was on my Christmas list. I would lose my mind without my planner. It keeps track of all my blog tour commitments, signings I want to attend and ARC review posting dates. A new one for 2014 was a MUST - if I hadn't gotten it as a gift, I would've bought one myself.

2. Books - I received two books this year. Yup. Two. It's all good. I received a bunch for my birthday, and I've been so very fortunate this year to have made some really amazing contacts with major publishing house publicists, who have managed to keep me busy with some really cool ARCs. So, really, I can't complain one bit. The two books I received were Rush, by Maya Banks and The House of Hades, by Rick Riordan.

3. Amazon GC - My parents know that a good stocking stuffer for me is always an Amazon gift card. I got one worth $25 this year. So, now the big question is, what do I spend it on??? I'm leaning toward these two pre-orders:

4. I-Pod Nano - My big gifty this year came from my wonderful husband. I had been complaining about
having to listen to my audiobooks on my Droid smartphone because when I get texts or e-mails, it cuts out the audio for a few seconds. If I'm listening to a borrowed audiobook from the library, I don't get those seconds back. If I'm listening to a book downloaded from Audible. it repeats the last 5 seconds or so right before the alert noise. Either way, it's irritating. So, my husband got me my very first I-gadget ever. I'm excited to start playing with it and listening to some books on it.

So, what bookish Christmas presents did you get? Any books? What didn't you get that you really, REALLY wanted?


lyssa said...

Merry Christmas Girlie! I received a new Kindle and an Amazon gift card. Bring on the recommendations.

lyssa said...

Merry Christmas Girlie! I received a new Kindle and an Amazon gift card. Bring on the recommendations.