August 24, 2012

PAYA Festival

I'm so excited to attend my second book signing with multiple authors tomorrow! The 2012 PAYA Festival benefits Pennsylvania libraries and librarians, and once a year, the organizers get together a host of accomplished and exciting authors for a festival and book signing. I'm especially anxious for this year's festival because some amazing new authors like Wendy Higgins (Sweet Evil) and Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked) will be there, alongside other favorites of mine like Jennifer Armentrout, Maria V. Snyder and Jeri Smith-Ready. I already own about half of these books, and hope to purchase the other half there so that I can get them all signed!

Can I get a fangirl squeal?! I promise pics and a full write-up after I return, as I know you all will be waiting with bated breath to hear how it went.

And, on a side note, have you all checked out BAM! yet? Since Borders closed, I've only stepped foot in a BAM! one time. To be honest, most of the books I read, I get from one of my local libraries, so I don't do a ton of book purchasing. Well, I meant to purchase the books I wanted for the PAYA Festival from Amazon, but I kind of flaked on that plan. So, today, I strolled into my local BAM! on my lunch break. I found the teen fiction section, and just about had a heart attack right there. Not only is it pretty large for a bookstore, but it has this fantastic middle section with books discounted to $3.97, $4.97 or $5.97 in most cases.

 I had some series internal conflicts staying the course when I saw the discounted section. In the end, I was very proud of myself and, in addition to my PAYA books, I walked away with only ONE extra book - The Morganville Vampires, Volume Two. I got the first two from the library, and enjoyed them, but haven't gotten back to the series yet. Since it was only $3.97, it was a good incentive for me to add it to my bookshelf. (By the way, BAM! didn't pay me to talk about them - they don't even care who I am.)

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