July 9, 2012

June Book Report

I hit a few bumps in June. Some books I had really been looking forward to failed to deliver and it took me forever to get through them. I actually spent an entire WEEK on a book this month!

Books Read - 8
Books Read To Date - 70
Total Pages Read - 26,868
Favorite Book of the Month - The Golden Lily

There was no contest when it came to deciding my favorite book this month. I featured The Golden Lily in a Waiting on Wednesday post a few months ago, and it certainly was worth all the anticipation. It was deliciously suspenseful, teasingly romantic and wildly entertaining. As much as I enjoyed Rose and Dimitri's story, it has come to an end. This is Sydney's and Adrian's time, and I'm more than happy to put The Vampire Diaries behind me and move on with Bloodlines. It's going to be a fun ride. :)

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