About Me

I love books. I mean, duh, right? This IS a book review blog, afterall. But, really - I LOVE books. I can remember one of my favorite parts of grade school was the Scholastic book orders. I would circle nearly every book in there. And, then the day I walked into the classroom and saw all the books lined up on the counter in the back of the room - it was the best day of the whole month.

So, yeah. My love of books has been around since I can remember. Stupidly, I let boys and the elusive search for popularity stifle a bit of that passion when I was in high school and college. But, then, a few of my very best college friends introduced me to a little (*snort*) book called Outlander a few years after graduation, and just like that, I was reintroduced to my love of books.

Since then, I've read literally hundreds of books. I've honed my tastes over the years, and learned that I love a heroine who is confident and strong, but not so strong that she's unaffected by adversity and can't ask for help. I love an alpha hero who is powerful, charismatic, slightly damaged, and completely undone by the right woman. I love all manner of supernatural creatures (except for angels). And, in my books I NEED kissing and an HEA.

For 40 hours a week (or more, depending on the week), I am a marketing and communications professional. For 24/7, I am a wife and a mother to two kids who are growing up way too fast. And, I am always glad you stopped by my blog to share in my slight obsession. E-mail me any time, or feel free to stalk me in all the usual socially acceptable ways.